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Tuff White is available as a finished canvas or by the gallon for application in your studio if you have a high key area. See it in our booth or call for a sample. This same product is available in black.

A highly scuff resistant, easy cleaning, satin surface, water based paint for high key areas and props which produces a tough coating that equals factory applied, oven baked enamel.

Bonds to almost any clean paintable surface such as the back of linoleum (smooth backed, non-fibrous), wood, metal, most plastics, concrete and glossy paint surfaces (if sanded lightly). Raw canvas does not make a suitable surface and must be stretched and primed before painting, which is a very difficult process to do properly.

10x10 - $660
10x20 - $1020
10x24 - $1180
12x20 - $1700
$65 Covers approximately 400 square feet.

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