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Frequent Buyer Program - This promotion runs from January through December. Once you've ordered 5 backgrounds through the course of the year, your 6th background will be available at a HUGE discount. If your 6th background is a canvas, you'll get a 30% discount. If you order a muslin, it's an amazing 50% discount!

Background of the Month Program - We will randomly select several backgrounds each month that will be available throughout the month at a 15% discount. The discount applies whether you order over the phone or at a trade show!

Show Discount - If you order at a trade show, every background is available at a 10% discount. Stop by our booth!

Facebook - We have a FAN page on Facebook!! Check it out and become a FAN today. Click on the link to go straight to our page and see the special offers we're giving our FANS: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Bud-IL/Shooting-Gallery-Backgrounds/272686980296

Office Hours: M-F, 8-2 CST; phone 1-800-462-2682 or email: shoot1@htc.net