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Helpful Hints for Ordering
General Background Information

Perhaps the greatest steps that we can take to ensure your satisfaction is to promote understanding of our product line and aid you in the ordering process where conveying your specific needs are very important. This clear communication greatly reduces the chances of receiving a background that isn't "right on".

First, all of our designs are available on either muslin or canvas. We have both materials in stock at the studio and are able to make any size muslin and any canvas up to 10 feet in width.

Second, we do not paint a background until you order it. This allows us to customize the size, layout, color, etc. to your specific needs.

When ordering, we have a standard set of questions that we ask beginning with your material preference, and then what total size you would like. The first number in your measurement is the width, the second number is your length. Example: 10' x 20' is 10' wide by 20' long.

Next, we ask where you saw the background - meaning in person at a tradeshow or in our catalog. We ask this to determine which image you want us to paint from. There are a few rare instances where, due to the printing process, a slight deviation in color between our actual master background and the catalog image may occur. For this same reason, we try to avoid orders based strictly on the website image as colors will vary from one computer monitor to another. (We will gladly mail a free catalog.)

After determining all that, we will ask you for a hanging height. This allows us to work with you and find precisely at what height you need your hotspot, scene, and floor line located.

Once that is settled, we see if there are slight design modifications needed. Examples of this could be the omission of some tree trunks on a scenic or toning down a certain color. We always work with the customer on these requests but too much change simply may not be feasible with a given background.

If you order a canvas, we ask if it will be placed on a roller system. If not, we will put a small wooden mount on the top of the canvas which allows it to be placed on light stands.

Finally, if a delivery time well ahead of our promised date is needed, please ask us if one is available, but be aware that such a time will be accompanied by a rush charge.

Hopefully this helps to answer any questions you may have and help to prepare you for placing your much-appreciated order with us.


Office Hours: M-F, 8-2 CST; phone 1-800-462-2682 or email: shoot1@htc.net